About plays

Section Plays is one of seven sub-portals of the central Slovenian theatre web portal SiGledal (others being News, Radio plays, Reviews, Digital Exhibitions, Repertory and Wiki). This is a digital library of Slovenian plays, published here since 2007. Please note, that many scripts have not been proof-read and these are not annotated editions. Often, authors make changes and polish their scripts even after they have been published here.

To browse the library of Slovenian plays you can use the search engine with several different search fields and filters:

  • Search by author
  • Search by title
  • Search by (female or male) cast size
  • Filter award-winning, award-nominated, shortlisted or recommended scripts
  • Filter by target audience (grown-ups, children, young adults)
  • Filter by genres and other characteristics
  • Filter by keywords

SiGledal's library of Slovenian plays is a resource for accessing plays primarily written by contemporary authors. It offers an exhaustive insight into the rich variety of contemporary Slovenian playwriting. It also includes external links to scripts available elsewhere on the web. This makes it a useful resource for students, researchers and creatives.

The SiGledal's team wish to support Slovenian plays getting staged and promoted abroad. This is why starting 1st September we are beginning to translate the Plays section of SiGledal into English. In the first instance we will be publishing listing of plays that are not only available online but have also received some kind of recognition from expert audience. This includes scripts that have either won an award, or a nomination or an honourable mention as excellent, interesting and outstanding. On the other hand, we will also be publishing English listings of plays that have been made available to us in translation by the authors and the translated versions are available to the general public.

Prior to any use of any author’s original work, please always familiarize yourself with Slovenian Author’s and Cognate Rights Law and make sure you abide by it.


Samo, Tamara and Gregor, September 2020