Tone Partljič

Novelist, screenplay writer and playwright, he also worked as a dramaturg and artistic director. He received numerous awards for his creative work, not least the Slavko Grum Award for Best Play, Levstik Award, Glazer Award and Prešeren Award. The jury’s justification for the latter states: “In his comedies, Tone Partljič expresses his response to current events in politics and society in general (party disputes, political questions, transition issues, national identity, the changed roles of men and women in society and within a family etc.) whilst he also builds his comic effects on elements of universal, timeless comedy (romantic plots, eroticism, stereotypes and prejudice, dissonance of wishes and reality, general human errors etc.). This is why many of his comedies from the past are still very much alive today.”

More about the author

Partner relationships (2004)

"Us women, we’re such silly heads!”

One Day of Truth (1999)

A lie has no legs.

Maister and Marjeta (1998)

“Hello, mister comedy writer? --- Yes, anonymous citizen speaking. I have in my possession the memoirs of a former municipal secretary. Perfect for a comedy.”

Big Black Seaside Dog Called Reks (1996)

"I heard it is true for widows that time heals wounds … but with a dog it’s worse … the more time goes by, the harder it is for his dog soul and he howls and howls …”

My Grandpa, a Socialist Corpse (1991)

“What democracy? What democracy! It’s UDBA! UDBA is behind this!”*

Sunny Tony (1991)

“So, this isn’t child of the moon, he’s a child of the sun.”

Here Comes the Poet’s Wife (1989)

“Poetry is bollocks! Awards are bollocks!”

Red and Azure Amongst the Trees (1985)

A play from World War Two in Primorska region

Execution (1985)

“But there have to be victims. We’re at war.”

Monologues of a Sober Actress (1984)

“But this was more a joke, fooling around, this happened to others, too … And so I got used to it, first in the company of others, after rehearsals or opening nights. There was always something to celebrate, in theatre there is a lot of this …”

Secretary General of Humour (1984)

"Secretariat stays, but it will be run as self-management.”

My Papa, a Socialist Landowner (1983)

"The two of us are not going to change the world, Joža …”

See You Above the Stars (1981)

"What would I do if there was no cemetary!? The boredom would kill me …"

Who Can I Still Pray For (1980)

This play is, of course, not an attempt to reconstruct any real-life treachery in our cities.

In the Old Days and Today (1979)

“I am sitting at my desk, thinking what to write for my essay titled In the Old Days and Today ...”

Oh, No, Not a Pike (1976)

“We need to support constructive truth.”

When Spirits Are High, There’s No Need to Be Shy (1974)

"When spirits are high, there’s no need to be shy, you better all remember that."

There is No Pike (1973)

"And I am no little pike, especially not yours.”

Let the Owl Hoot (1970)

"May the owl no longer hoot in front of this house ..."


An adaptation of the novel Gadje gnezdo [Adder’s Nest] by Vladimir Levstik

Ljubstava, Far Away and in the Mud

A stage adaptation of France Forstnerič’s collection of poems

A Drunken Kurent

A stage adaptation of France Forstnerič’s poetry