Slovene Drama in Translation

Playwriting in Slovenia is in good condition. Every year around 50 new plays enter the concours for the Slavko Grum award, the award for the best Slovene play of the year, and another 20 for the young playwright’s award where only authors under 30 years of age can participate.

Slovene plays have been successfully staged on all continents and were translated in a number of languages. Research of Gašper Troha from 2015 has detected 325 translations and 234 performances between 1980 and 2015.

Web portal Slovene Drama in Translation is an initiative of Slovene Theatre Institute, Prešeren Theatre Kranj, SiGledal and The Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists. It wishes to promote Slovene playwriting in international arena. It primarily aims at theatre professionals and scholars as it offers a number of translations of Slovene contemporary plays in English and other languages.

You are invited to download and read the plays, however, if you wish to reproduce, perform, distribute or use the text in any other way, we do inform you that the texts are subject to copyright and that you should get in touch with the copyrights' holders.

Furthermore, the SiGledal team wishes to support Slovenian plays getting staged and promoted abroad by translating a number of synopses. Those plays have received some kind of recognition from an expert audience, an award, a nomination, or an honourable mention as excellent, interesting, and outstanding. If the plot of some of the plays appeals to you and you would like to translate it yourself, write to sigledal [at] gmail [dot] com.

Further information on copyright and contacts of the authors available at: slogi [at] slogi [dot] si.


Gašper Troha, Director of the Slovenian Theatre Institute