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# (Hashtag)

Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 1 m)

How long does eternal love last? More

one-act radio play


Total cast size: 4 (2 f, 2 m)

Two couples and 24 hours. World Wide Web and new media widen the possibilities of human communication but do not contribute much to people understanding one another. More

inter-partner relations, love, modern technology

Total cast size: 5 (5 f)

A play about children, written for grown-ups. Grown-ups, playing children and women playing men. Brutally graphic display of pointless violence, violence without reason or explanation, offering several starting-points for contemplating questions on social constructs of childhood, violence and gender. More

violence, stereotypes, intolerance, childhood

“Language is character. Language is rebellion.” – A play about a generation clash. More

clash of generations, family

A Bit of a Sin

Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 2 m)

What is a sin? What is a bit of a sin? More

sexual practices, sin, confession

"The play takes place every night from 11.14 p.m. to 11.34 p.m. and from 3.56 a.m. to 5.04 a.m.” More

ethical dilemmas, family, money, organ donation

Alisa, Alice

Total cast size: 5 (3 f, 2 m)

This play by Draga Potočnjak is based on the Balkan disaster. Against the backdrop of a bloody war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a human story of torture and means of torture is exposed. More

war and post-war years, violence, historical topic, trauma, sacrifice

All Well and Good

Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)

"When you’re not here, I miss you. When you’re here, I can’t stand you. Everything is as it must be." More

family, inter-partner relations

At the Bottom

Total cast size: 8 (4 f, 4 m)

A family – father, mother, two sons, their lover and grandmother – are living in utter misery and poverty. Their home is a dark cellar, their usual meal is a soup of rotten vegetables and rat meat. More

family, poverty

Aus Anstand - La Siesta

Total cast size: 6 (2 f, 4 m)

This grandiose and complex mix, using incredible imagination to freely turn over motifs from classical and contemporary imagery, stories from everyday life and the current social field, fiction and philosophy, probably won’t find its way to an actual stage easily, despite its staging potential. However, it definitely deserves attention, not least because of the pleasure it offers. More

drama, comedy, fairy-tale for grown ups
class and cultural criticism of the society


Total cast size: 6–15 (1–1 f, 5–14 m)

In this adaptation by Nebojša Pop-Tasić, Madame Bovary, the immortal character from world literature becomes the Bovary who, both in time of her creation and today, remains madam Bovary, Emma, tragically ending her fate of a provincial wife, mother and lover. More

love, void, inter-partner relations, desire

Camera Obscura

Total cast size: 6 (1 f, 5 m)

“And so, on a Shrove Tuesday night, all these people meet ‘by chance’ in a half-built flat. That is the start of a story that needs to unwind before our eyes in a single theatrical stroke with all its rises and falls, as is typical of such carnivalesque, unpredictable and entirely drunken nights.” More

violence, lies and truths, illusion

Check Mate

Total cast size: 8 (5 f, 3 m)

"I think our new government with such an eager Minister of Work, Family and Moral Reform, will be able to get many useful things done.” More

politics, fake morals, love triangle, betrayal, family


Total cast size: 14 (4 f, 10 m)

Comedy about the possibilities, which the over glorified Europe offers to the young people – the Slovenian version More

grotesque, farce, black comedy, poetic burlesque
unemployment, class and cultural criticism of the society, survival of the fittest

Exercises in Anxiety

Total cast size: 12 (5 f, 7 m)

The play Exercises in Anxiety, subtitled »a play about today’s times«, cuts into the psychopathy of the present with an extraordinary sharpness. More

class and cultural criticism of the society, current social picture of the world

For Our Young Ladies

Total cast size: 7 (2 f, 5 m)

This is a story about a father abusing his daughter, but it is worse than that. Even those people in the story from whom actual help would be expected, such as the police inspector and the priest, both merely take advantage of their position and make profit from the helplessness of a girl driven into a state of extreme distress. More

violence, abuse, victims, taboo

Hooray, Nosferatu

Total cast size: 5 (3 f, 2 m)

At the centre of Hooray, Nosferatu is a six year old girl with Dravet syndrome, a rare condition that causes severe epileptic seizures which due to their frequency result in developmental delay. More

illness, stigmatisation, guilt, forgiveness

I, the Victim

Total cast size: 1 (1 f)

»I used to wet my bed for a very long time, I mean really long, at least it felt long to me, up until I was about sixteen, which is half of my life so far.« More

play for one performer
trauma, childhood, illness, victims

In the Country

Total cast size: 12 (3 f, 9 m)

"Don’t go fooling around with Linhart now, mother! Europe awaits!" More

comedy, buffoonery
current social picture of the world, capitalism, Linhart, crime

In the Name of the Mother

Total cast size: 23 (12 f, 11 m)

In the Name of the Mother is a story of the last century told through the family drama of four generations, or a family drama based on true historical events. More

love, suicide, Slovenian identity, politics, national consciousness, trauma, historical topic, rural environment, marriage, relationships, fear, migration, parents and children, inheritance, intergenerational relations, motherhood

I’ve Had Enough!

Total cast size: 3 (1–3 f, 0–2 m)

When was it that you were last standing powerless in front of a door, your very own version of The Door? Be it for an administrative bureaucratic idiotically absurd reason of not having put the right card on the counter or perhaps haven’t aligned it with the right edge? A cruel, bloody, shocking, provocative, blatantly brutal, tender, poetic and vulnerable play. More

grotesque, absurd, poetic drama
wheels of bureaucracy, class and cultural criticism of the society, guilt, interpersonal relations

Loving Willy

Total cast size: 3 (2 f, 1 m)

"Which love is true love? Willy says nothing.” More

love triangle, conflicts, inter-partner relations


Total cast size: 4 (2 f, 2 m)

A comedy of situational and verbal confusions. More

love, sexual practices, friendship, family, old age

Mephisto's Report

Total cast size: 7 (3 f, 4 m)

"Good literature always speaks of its time without saying any particular words about it.” More

politics, comparative literature, small-mindedness, censorship

Our Warehouse

Total cast size: 5–9 (5–5 f, 1–4 m)

EVELIN: "She always has to make things difficult. It’s my turn. I am Evelin and I work at the warehouse. But this is only temporary, until I can find something better, of course. VERA: “Let her dream, babe. You know how it goes … It’s only a pipe dream!” More

drama, tragicomedy
everymen, interpersonal relations, current social picture of the world
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