Boštjan Tadel    

Anywhere Out of This World

Year of writing: 1998
The author borrowed the title of his play Anywhere Out of This World from a prose poem N’importe où hors du monde by the French symbolist poet Charles Baudelaire. In the play, the author explores the (im-)possibility of escaping “out of this world”.
Total cast size: 8 (2 f, 6 m)

+ anonymous investors, wearing masks

fantasy play, drama, thriller, melodrama, film references, eclectisism of genres
ethical dilemmas, entrapment, escape, scientists

The protagonists of this sci-fi comedy, first-class scientists and Nobel laureates wish to leave our planet driven by consumerism and start a new life in a new world. They know technology exists for this to be possible. But they are pretty naïve in thinking they can outsmart the ruling power of wealth. Unfortunately, reason and money rarely go hand in hand.

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