Iza Strehar    

Use and Discard Me

“Where do you get you inspiration from? You’ve probably never been to war … But when I read and listen to your poetry, I think, fuck, this man has lived some.”
Total cast size: 5 (2 f, 3 m)
current social picture of the world, friendship, female perspective, addiction, poetry

The play Use and Discard Me is a story about five young adults exploring how dangerous the game of intimacy can be, especially, when you have no experience and are vulnerable and confused about your personal principles. If you can’t take on the ethical responsibility towards your fellow human being, you shouldn’t be playing this game.

LENA: C'mon. You can't just call up a person whenever you feel like it, take advantage of him, and when you don't feel like it anymore, just say you don't feel like it anymore and don't give a fuck.

PETER: Sorry.

LENA: You didn't want to fuck me. You wanted to fuck someone. Anyone.

JIM: Well, there's nothing shameful in waiting either.

VICTORIA: Why would it be?

JIM: Like I said. It's not.


PETER: That was three years ago. Deal with it. It's how it goes.

LENA: No. You took something from me. You should be held responsible.

PETER: I'm not the first one who did that to you and you're not the first who it happened to. You should look after yourself better.

LENA: Just because something is happening so often it became normal, it doesn't mean it's right.

Iza Strehar

Use and discard me

Language of translation: English

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