Borut Gombač    

A Puppy from the Fog

Year of writing: 2013
What is more important for a person to have: power, money, status or wisdom, or maybe only sensitivity and the courage to dream? A story about a puppy who threw spanners in the works.
Total cast size: 9 (1–6 f, 3–8 m)

+ (first voice) images from red light, (second voice) images from amber light, (third voice) images from green light

puppet play, glasbena pravljica, miniatura
values, animals

The story A Puppy from the Fog is set on a crossroads where the paths of vehicles, pedestrians and puppies cross. It features traffic lights, fog, various people and a puppy. It holds a mirror up for Young Dandy, Grey-haired Old Lady, Lorry Driver and Policeman.

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