Simona Hamer    

Postcards or Fear Is Only as Deep as the Mind Allows

Year of writing: 2016
The theme of fear of anything different, foreign or other, as suggested in the title of the play, is always topical. But this play deals with it from a fresh and complex, distinctly experience-based angle. This is a stylistically varied script written in confident, broad strokes and painting, describing, presenting and commenting the relationship toward different/other.
humour, fear, foreigners, newcomers, immigrants

The plot is actually a series of scenes, taking us on Tinka’s journey as the character is travelling across continents and broadening her horizon. During her travels, she meets various people and her conversations with them are interspersed with Tinka’s monologues. This is contrasted with the characters of Conqueror and Esquire who actually represent a parody of great European male conquerors. Their status is established and firm, Tinka’s position however, is insecure.

Simona Hamer

Postcards or Fear is Hollow on the Inside and Empty from the Outside

Language of translation: English

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