Iztok Alidič    

27, Semen Alley Obscure fiction

Year of writing: 1986
In the house at 27, Semen Alley, a series of violent deaths happened. Criminal inspector Kveder has been called in to solve the puzzle, but he is doomed to fail from the very start.
Total cast size: 8 (3 f, 5 m)
drama, absurd, crime
sexual practices, murder, violence, humour, love triangle

The play features a group of weird and frustrated residents who live in a small house somewhere in Slovenia in the post-war time. All residents are somehow linked to the violence, the stuffy and spooky atmosphere in the house and the erotic mood. They are: wheelchair-bound mother Boni, her daughter Jožica, the plumber Guru Zapa, his mentally disabled son Robi, discharged soldier Štručka and cleaning lady and ex-partisan Urka.

This grotesque and absurd play is an allegory of the post-war society in Slovenia and resembles a modern-day Goga (a small town from a play by Slavko Grum called An Event in the Town of Goga).

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