Peter Rezman    

A Leap Out of Skin

Year of writing: 2009
“I was fucking fed up, in and out, shower and apron on, every bloody day. If you didn’t go to work on a Saturday and Sunday you could break your back over the week and you were still worth nothing. These other fuckers slept on the job all week in the stinking exhaust shafts. They only fiddled their thumbs for a couple of hours every day and they were still like gods because they took all the weekend shifts that were paid extra."
Total cast size: (1–4 m)

+ a chorus of uniformed men

drama, play for one performer
suicide, working class, holidays, mine, accident, camaraderie, addiction, exploitation

On the day of the miners’ festival, a 40-year-old miner, retired due to disability is a consequence of work-related injury, states his cause. Drunk, he commits suicide by hanging himself off a monument in the park. He is discovered by three drunken miners returning home from the miners’ festival party.

*A Leap Out of Skin is a paraphrase of the name of a miner's initiation ritual where the novices are made to jump across a miner's apron made of calfskin. This ritual is called »a leap across the skin«. In the title of this play the writer uses the word skin both in this, metaphorical sense as well as in the sense of one's own skin – as is evident from the content of the play.

The play is an adaptation of one of seven stories from the short prose collection called A Leap Out of Skin.

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