Mateja Perpar    

# (Hashtag)

Year of writing: 2021
How long does eternal love last?
Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 1 m)
one-act radio play, Short Radio Drama

A short and intense burst of 20 messages with 92 emoticons, sent by a woman passionately in love to a man who is not her soulmate. How long does eternal love last?

Nella (lovingly, panicking slightly but relieved): Just as long as you’re OK. I totally understand you had to think about it. What we have is like absolutely the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m 23! Fireworks. Just one little thing – next time just send me a tiny text just so I know you’re safe. ‘Cause I like totally freaked out and I called two of your friends. They must think me a total idiot. Scaredface. Just to be sure you're safe. Saint. Fortunately, they knew where you were. Ugh! If I think something could happen to you… Cryingface. I heard on the radio there’d been an accident on the motorway. I didn't know where you were!!! Sorry I panicked. You mean everything to me! My Lovely Love! Heart. Heart. Yours forever! Heart. Heart. Beatingheart. #strongconnection

Mateja Perpar

# (hashtag)

Language of translation: English

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