Saša Pavček    

Izz’It One or Two?

Year of writing: 2004
The twins Izzy and Izzy, one a workaholic, the other a couch-potato, one quick-tempered, the other a dreamer, find themselves on a mary-go-round of the absurd: at times quarrelling in hostile jealousy, at times united as one. Both searching, lost, deprived and lonely. Eternal children yearning for a brotherly embrace.
Total cast size: 1 (1 m)
comedy, play for one performer
family, loneliness, childhood, identity crisis

Saša Pavček’s play for one actor titled Izzy’It One or Two? is a comedy about a man going through an identity crisis in a quite particular way. Does the hot-blooded pub owner really have a twin brother or is this just an apparition? When the twins were born, their parents didn’t want to make any differences between them, so they were both named Izzy. Later, when the parents divorced, each took one Izzy: the mother took one with her to Germany, whilst the father stayed at home with the other one and continued the family tradition of pub owners.

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