Saša Pavček    


Year of writing: 2005
Should the artist be taking a stance through their work? Should they ponder upon who their art is for and when it is given?
Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 1 m)
one-act play, drama, radio play
war and post-war years, arts, creativity, trauma

Magdalena Merkus, a Slovenian opera star is a guest on a new radio programme at the national broadcasting organisation. Haris Harihafisbegović, the host of the show, is digging into her memories, interviewing her about her activities and her opinion on culture and the war that happened in Bosnia.

This one-act play written by Saša Pavček shows us an intimate relationship between a popular opera singer and a radio presenter. They build an intimacy from a trivial chit-chat that turns out to be more relevant than it seems at first. The situation is growing ever more tense and unsolvable. The end? Was it just a joke or was it all true? Who is stronger in coping with traumatic experience? The host or the opera singer?