Tone Partljič    

When Spirits Are High, There’s No Need to Be Shy Based on Josip Vandot’s tales about Kekec

Year of writing: 1974
"When spirits are high, there’s no need to be shy, you better all remember that."
Total cast size: 10 (5 f, 5 m)

young adults, children

good and evil, friendship

Kekec is a mischievous boy afraid of nothing and no one. He works as a shepherd and likes to sing happy songs. Even when he is caught by Bedanec or Pehta, he does not give up. Instead, he steals medical drops which are supposed to help his friend Mojca regain her sight. Employing a ruse he manages to escape via a secret tunnel. During his getaway, he rescues Mena who had long been in Bedanec’s captivity and later lived with Kosobrin. Kekec’s return delights his mother and his sister Tinkara, but brings most happiness to Mojca whose sight is indeed restored with the help of Pehta’s drops.

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