Ivo Svetina    

A Tomb for Pekarna Theatre An Almost Documentary Drama

Year of writing: 2009
An almost documentary recording of culturally and politically diverse chronotope
Total cast size: 13 (3 f, 10 m)
drama, documentary drama
authority, historical personalities, theatre, arts, creativity

A Tomb for Pekarna/Bakery Theatre subtitled An Almost Documentary Drama is set in 1976 and 1977 in the experimental Pekarna Theatre, during rehearsals for the production of an adaptation of the famous Danilo Kiš novel A Tomb for Boris Davidovich. The story of the play mixes real historical Slovenian characters, such as actors, a stage hand, the founder of Pekarna Theatre, the director, writer and dramaturg and so on with parts of Kiš’s novel, for example its title character. Despite the fact that Boris Davidovich from the novel died in 1937, in this play he works at Pekarna Theatre and makes the reality dissolve into a new reality. A Tomb for Pekarna Theatre is a play about the collective spirit of its creators, about money, authorities and rejection of ‘otherness’. The stage production of the young enthusiasts collapses when the director mysteriously withdraws back to Belgrade due to the fact that the culture authorities did not approve of the contents of the novel. Slovenian artists continue their careers in state-funded theatres.

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