The Noise Animals Make Is Unbearable A fictional drama based on a real event

Year of writing: 2002
“It happened yesterday – it’s happening today – somewhere …”
war and post-war years, violence, death, trauma, family

We follow the story of Armin, a sixteen year old boy with mental disability and autism. The only person who understands him is his grandmother Azra. The boy and his grandma are the only survivors of a horrible military attack during which their entire family was killed. The only thing Armin has left after this traumatic event, are shoes of all his dead family members: father, mother, two sisters and a brother. He looks after the shoes with great care because through them he can bring the deceased back to life.

AZRA: They killed my three sons, two daughters, three daughters-in-law, two sonsin-law, nine grandchildren. They killed nineteen, in the most savage way, you heard me, nineteen of my family! Ten adults and nine children! And I’m supposed to accept that? Somebody decided that my family was to be wiped off the map of the world … , because it was war actually, because we stepped on somebody’s corns, because we’ve got dark hair instead of light … because … Because we eat beef instead of pork, because we look towards heaven in a different way, because … and I’m supposed to come to understand that, and stop weeping, because now’s no longer the time for that, because now it’s peace actually and I have to shut up, because … Nobody asked me - not about the war or the peace! 

Lesley Anne Wade

The noise animals make is unbearable

Language of translation: English
Libor Doležán


Language of translation: Czech
Klaus Detlef Olof

Der Lärm, den die Tiere machen, ist unerträglich

Language of translation: German

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