Tone Partljič    

Execution A play from occupied Ljubljana

Year of writing: 1985
“But there have to be victims. We’re at war.”
Total cast size: 14 (6 f, 8 m)

+ secondary school students and children

war and post-war years, politics, small-mindedness

The play is set in a besieged Ljubljana. The city, enclosed in barbed wire, is divided in two opposite halves that are constantly in conflict with each other, there is continuous score- settling and bloodspill. The action unveils tragic stories of individuals from both sides. Ivan stayed out after curfew because he had been tutoring his school friend Darka in maths and he gets arrested. When the communists later execute the local governor Marko, the Italians retaliate by shooting all the hostages, including Ivan. Jože was the one who executed the governor and is now staying with Darka. Gnawed by guilt, he no longer wants to go home and instead wants to join the partisan resistance army. Activists wonder what they will be like after all these bloody events and crimes, after the war, and will their children be able to understand them at all.

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