Tone Partljič    


An adaptation of the novel Gadje gnezdo [Adder’s Nest] by Vladimir Levstik
Total cast size: 19 (5 f, 14 m)

+ recruits and soldiers

war and post-war years, survival of the fittest, family

After her husband passes away, Kastelka is left alone with her three sons. Eighteen years later, the sons have grown up, they are educated and the world is gearing up for World War One. Soon after two of Kastelka’s sons have been drafted, her house is surrounded by soldiers and her third son is arrested. When Kastelka finds out that her two sons are dead, her premonition that she herself or her love for them caused her children’s death, is confirmed. In the end, her third son Janez manages to convince her that his brothers’ death is a result of hatred. When Kastelka later receives the news about the war ending, she suffers a heart failure and her son Janez takes over her farm.

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