Tone Partljič    

My Papa, a Socialist Landowner A sad comedy of the agrarian

Year of writing: 1983
"The two of us are not going to change the world, Joža …”
Total cast size: 11 (4 f, 7 m)
everymen, politics, authority, conformism, small-mindedness

This is a story of a simple man, a railway worker who had been captured in Russia and after the end of World War Two returns home. Even though fate does not go easy on him, Joža finds his feet in any situation and is quick to adapt to the new political circumstances. He had always wanted to own a piece of land and when he finally becomes a »socialist landowner «, he is beyond happy. But his happiness soon ends when he is suspected of having collaborated with the Soviet Cominform. Further worries for Joža are caused by his son Tinček who writes limericks about the current political affairs. The government soon takes Joža’s land away again when an agricultural cooperative is established. It is then when papa and his wife Mimika finally resign and accept their fate.

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