Tone Partljič    

My Grandpa, a Socialist Corpse First case of police inspector Darja

Year of writing: 1991
“What democracy? What democracy! It’s UDBA! UDBA is behind this!”*
Total cast size: 9 (4 f, 5 m)
comedy, crime drama
war and post-war years, murder, fear

Even though the political system has changed and the country is now ruled by democracy, Jože Javornik or Grandpa is convinced that he is being followed by UDBA. His paranoia annoys his family but soon police inspector Darja gets involved. She demands that Grandpa be removed from his usual environment for some time and starts seeing a psychiatrist who would somehow find justifications for Jože’s irrational behaviour: his threats, his firing of a slingshot and the recordings he had sent to various addresses. Grandpa won’t accede, he remains convinced that he will eventually get liquidated. When he dies from being shot in the chest, Darja opens an investigation. In the end it turns out that the culprit is Joža’s grandson Jani who had fulfilled his grandfather’s wish.

*UDBA: Yugoslav State Security Service

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