Tone Partljič    

Big Black Seaside Dog Called Reks A ballad for puppets

Year of writing: 1996
"I heard it is true for widows that time heals wounds … but with a dog it’s worse … the more time goes by, the harder it is for his dog soul and he howls and howls …”
Total cast size: 8 (2 f, 6 m)

+ dog

love, animals, friendship, loss

Mara has been waiting for thirty years for her beloved Ivo who left for America but had promised her he would come back. When he finally returns, they get married but not even a month goes by when Ivo gets caught in a storm at sea and he is taken by the waves forever. Mara is inconsolable, but it is the dog, Reks, whom Ivo had brought from America, who is even more despondent. He spends entire days and nights on the shore, howling. As he deprives the people of the island from sleeping, they decide to kill him. When their attempts of poisoning and shooting him fail, they decide they would get rid of the dog by taking him to the cliffs in the middle of the sea where he would have no water or food. But when they sail there five year later, they find him well and alive. 

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