Tone Partljič    

Let the Owl Hoot

Year of writing: 1970
"May the owl no longer hoot in front of this house ..."
Total cast size: 7 (5 f, 2 m)
suicide, family, incest

Dominik has been living on a farm with his father Štefan and his wife Ana for fourteen years. His mother Verona had left him immediately after his birth and now lives in the city. Verona wants Dominik to come live with her, but Ana won't allow it. She seduces Dominik and soon, Štefan finds out about their relationship. Shortly after, it is revealed that Štefan is not Dominik's real father. However, this information does not move Štefan a great deal. Dominik wants to leave home to get an education but Ana tries to chain him to herself by telling him she is expecting his child. As Dominik will not change his mind, Ana is desperate and takes her own life.

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