Tone Partljič    

See You Above the Stars A cemetary comedy

Year of writing: 1981
"What would I do if there was no cemetary!? The boredom would kill me …"
Total cast size: 17 (7 f, 10 m)

+ skeletons

death, evanescence, intergenerational relations, intimate relations

The play subtitled “A cemetary comedy” is set entirely on a cemetary. After his wife’s death, a teacher, Jožko, meets a widow at the cemetary. Their friendship soon turns into romantic love. Generally, the cemetary is a lively place, perhaps even more so at night than during the day. The protagonists, sometimes rising from the graves, hold meetings, sing songs, play harmonica, drink and rehearse their theatrical roles at the cemetary. But most of all they constantly get involved in quarrels and arguments thus revealing their stereotypical characters, duplicity, hypocrisy etc.

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