Tone Partljič    

In the Old Days and Today Homework for one actor, consisting of a humorous sketch, short story and an unpublished school essay

Year of writing: 1979
“I am sitting at my desk, thinking what to write for my essay titled In the Old Days and Today ...”
Total cast size: 1 (1 m)
play for one performer
humour, working class, family, school

The main protagonist is a metalworker who worked so hard, he was made foreman, even though he is not educated for the position. If he wants to keep this job, he needs to take a night school course, which isn’t easy for him after spending years away from any education. He finds writing essays the most difficult because in his contemplation, he often gets lost in the past. Due to his study commitments, he hasn’t got enough time for his family and other everyday chores.

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