Evald Flisar    

Nymph dying

Year of writing: 1989
They both performed and finished “Ana Karenina” and “The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof”, and “Madame Bovary” and “Lady Chatterley's Lover”. Then Izolda started visiting the library. The librarian noticed her coming in so often and wondered if she had started studying comparative literature! Tristan and Izolda performed at least one hundred scenes taken from the world of classical literature. At first, they were faithful in following the author's concept, then their scenes turned to be less and less true to the author, but were rather performed as conceived by the clever Izolda.
Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)
drama, tragicomedy
love, estrangement, intimate relations

Tristan and Izolda are a couple trapped in a play of love and death, or better in a play of dying love. Even if they promised and tried hard not to turn their relationship and their life into a routine, this is exactly what happened in the end. Trying to escape the greyness of their everyday life, they keep performing different roles, each uncapable of becoming what the other really needs and desires.