Evald Flisar

Photo: Igor Modic
Novelist, translator, poet and playwright. He is the editor of Slovenian literary magazine Sodobnost and former chair of Slovene Writers’ Association and Slovene PEN Centre. He is one of the most translated Slovenian authors and winner of numerous awards.

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Comedy about the End of the World (2012)

Comedy about the End of the World is a farce about a farce containing another farce.

Shakuntala (2012)

"How can love replace wisdom?"

Take me in your hands (2011)

This is a play about the decline of reading habits, about life and learning, about love and sacrifice, about hope, despair and death.

Alice in crazy land (2010)

"I dreamt how beautiful it is when you have no choice."

Antigone now (2010)

"From time to time we should be reminded there are things in life which are not for sale."

Aquarium (2007)

“I hate everything to do with the world and what’s become of it when I wasn’t paying attention. I am bored by everything about this world. I am bored to death by small joys and small sorrows of my relatives. Most of all I am bored by any sort of conversation, even this one, with you, because it robs my thoughts of truth, seriousness and meaning.”

Nora Nora (2003)

How to extend the expiry date of love or a play that exposes us when we love, hate, surrender and when we have been betrayed ...

The Eleventh Planet (1999)

Three homeless people with biblical names Peter, Paul and Magdalene are excited about a science fiction novel titled The Eleventh Planet.

Sunspots (1998)

On Christmas Day, an elderly couple, Matjaž and Vera, are waiting for all the members of the family to gather and have their festive dinner together. They fail to notice however that Santa Claus approached their house, sneaked in through the window, and poured something from his sack into the wine on the table.

The last innocence (1996)

Bosnia during the war. Caught by a snowstorm, two Americans, the journalist Mary and major general John, find shelter in a mountain cottage.

Uncle from America (1994)

“I was afraid there wasn’t enough of me – that I will seem like an empty vessel. I had to stuff myself with old newspapers, made-up events. Achievements that God gave others, even though I asked Him nicely to remember me from time to time.”

Tomorrow Will Be Better (1992)

"Our only direction is where the wind blows."

What about Leonardo? (1992)

"The current human condition is such that the sense of intuition and the sense of feeling have drifted from conscience into the subconscious, and so humans connect to the environment only via their sense of thought and this sense is labelled as ‘me’.”

Nymph dying (1989)

They both performed and finished “Ana Karenina” and “The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof”, and “Madame Bovary” and “Lady Chatterley's Lover”. Then Izolda started visiting the library. The librarian noticed her coming in so often and wondered if she had started studying comparative literature! Tristan and Izolda performed at least one hundred scenes taken from the world of classical literature. At first, they were faithful in following the author's concept, then their scenes turned to be less and less true to the author, but were rather performed as conceived by the clever Izolda.

Stolen House (1971)

Mihael Horvat – Miška and his wife Ema, members of the Roma community, claim their share of the house and the estate as stated in the will of their deceased relative

Soldiers at the End of War (1970)

In late winter of 1945, before the arrival of Red Army, German troops are in ruin. Three German soldiers, joined by officer Posch, have been waiting in a barricaded shack for half a month.

Chestnut crown (1970)

"I'll tell you a dirty rhyme. Let's go to the woods, says the first devil. What are we gonna do there, asks the second devil. We're gonna look for my mother, says the first one. What are we gonna do with her, asks the second one. We'll snog her to death, says the first devil."

Courthouse (1968)

Judge A. F. G. I. arrives to a new city where he got a job in the courthouse. But he encounters some very unusual things.