Saša Pavček    

Under the Snow

Year of writing: 2007
A play about love between a mother and her allegedly dead daughter’s boyfriend. But the daughter returns home …
Total cast size: 3 (2 f, 1 m)
drama, poetic drama, balladic poetic play
family, love triangle, death

There is a knock on the door of a remote house at the foot of a mountain range. It is Martin knocking, the boyfriend of Amalija or Mala who some time ago walked out into the unknown and never came back. Her mother Mila lives in sorrow and isolation, hoping for her daughter’s return. She blames Martin for this misfortune and he admits regretfully that he had been reckless and selfish. He complains about feeling stigmatized by the community as though he was responsible for Amalija’s death and how he lost his job, his friends. Lonely, burdened with guilt and the weight of Amalija’s death he is uncapable of living a normal life so he asks the mother for forgiveness. Their hostile blaming and opening of old wounds lights a spark of love between them … One night, when mother is alone in the house, the daughter comes back and falls to her bed, exhausted.

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