Evald Flisar    

The last innocence

Year of writing: 1996
Bosnia during the war. Caught by a snowstorm, two Americans, the journalist Mary and major general John, find shelter in a mountain cottage.
Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)
war and post-war years, ethical dilemmas, sign, Balkans

They did not know each other before, yet they both came to Bosnia looking for the military general who caused the massacre in this region. Their aim is to bring the general to the International Court in the Hague. A local Gipsy promised to help. He promised to take care of them and give them information of where the general was hiding.

Soon it turns out that each of the three involved bears his/her own secret motive for starting the quest. Mary came to Bosnia to unveil the truth about her lost father. John is concealing his real name, and the Gipsy is trying to flee from his demons.