Saša Pavček    

Rumi and the Captain Igra s petjem za otroke in mladino

A play about humanity, kindness and courage.

captain, girl, boy

pirate, chief pirate, policeman


female dog, cat, tomcat, seagulls, whale, dolphin

young adults, children

puppet play, musical
love, violence, environmental catastrophe, refugees, intolerance

Sailing the sea on a ship are captain Adrijan, his fearless bitch Rumi and a spoilt cat Aba. Once, after being tossed about in a storm, they finally see land on the horizon and think the worst is behind them. But they soon learn that there are castaways on the island: two child refugees, a boy and a girl, and their tomcat. Captain Adrijan is adamant to take them home but first, pirates stand in their way, and then a scrupulous policeman, too.

In the end, everything turns out well as love, kindness and courage win.

Musical score for this radio play was composed by Jerko Novak.

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