Evald Flisar    


Year of writing: 2012
"How can love replace wisdom?"
Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)
drama, moderna pravljica
guilt, suicide, intertextual references, searching

The main character Dushyanta, helped by his friend the joker Madavja[Madavya], is looking for a teacher in India – the greatest wise man of all times. On his way – just like in Kalidasa's play – Dushyanta falls in love with the beautiful Shakuntala. His love for her seems to fade before long, though. Only when he learns about the fate of their child, does he realise that love is what really counts and not some wisdom proclaimed by new age gurus.

Amitava Dutta


Language of translation: Bengali
Shakuntala. Kolkata: Sampark 2012

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