Tone Partljič    

Secretary General of Humour

Year of writing: 1984
"Secretariat stays, but it will be run as self-management.”
Total cast size: 6 (4 f, 2 m)
humour, career, censorship

Ivan Veselica* is a joyful man who loves satire and humour. He finds a job as a teacher of Slovenian language but he is soon let go for his alleged frivolity. The same story happens in all his subsequent employments until the government decides to set up a secretariat of humour for him. Ivan and his female colleagues supply sketches, jokes and other humorous contributions for the media. Ivan is responsible for the good mood of the citizens in general but the power structures soon start to accuse him of mocking the system. They demand that he write “humour in a self-managing manner” so that it does not insult or undermine the ruling authorities.

(*In the surname Veselica, the word “vesel”, meaning joyful is hidden.)


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