Evald Flisar    


Year of writing: 1968
Judge A. F. G. I. arrives to a new city where he got a job in the courthouse. But he encounters some very unusual things.
Total cast size: 5 (5 m)
human redundancy, discomfort of an individual, good and evil, court of law, resignation

The bus arrives to this city completely empty as all the passengers got off on previous stops. The market seems abandoned, there is litter on the pavement and the shutters are lowered on the windows of all the houses. When Judge A. F. G. I. arrives to the courthouse, the doorbell is installed so high that he can only reach it when he steps on his suitcase, and even then, only just.

In a short conversation with judge Lupa, he finds out that Lupa had had a similar experience when he first came to work in the courthouse ten years ago.

Full script can be accessed via Digital Library of Slovenia.

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