Evald Flisar    


Year of writing: 1998
On Christmas Day, an elderly couple, Matjaž and Vera, are waiting for all the members of the family to gather and have their festive dinner together. They fail to notice however that Santa Claus approached their house, sneaked in through the window, and poured something from his sack into the wine on the table.
Total cast size: 7 (2 f, 5 m)
love, violence, family, war and post-war years, guilt, reconciliation

When all three generations gather around the table, we soon discover there are many conflicts and grudges among the members of the family. Suddenly Santa Claus appears and, pouring wine to each of them, announces he wants them to celebrate a day of joy. 

Many incidents and secrets from years during and after the Second World War come afloat. It turns out that the members of the family were standing on opposite sides in those crucial times. Sunspots is a family drama asking questions about concealed truth, reconciliation, about forgiving and facing crimes from the past.