Tone Partljič    

Sunny Tony

Year of writing: 1991
“So, this isn’t child of the moon, he’s a child of the sun.”
Total cast size: 12

+ extras: hills, sun, stars, night and three tiny new-born kittens

growing up, searching

Despite the dark fairies’ efforts to make Tony a child of the night, he becomes a child of the sun. When he grows up a little, he decides to climb Jarenina hill as he is convinced that that is where the sun rises. But when he reaches the top, he realises the sun cannot be touched. Tony feels his parents do not understand him so he talks to the cat because he can comprehend her language. The realisation that he will never be able to touch the sun brings an end to his childhood and his conversations with the cat. The white fairies wish him that the sun and his child-like nature would stay in him forever.

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