Evald Flisar    

Stolen House

Year of writing: 1971
Mihael Horvat – Miška and his wife Ema, members of the Roma community, claim their share of the house and the estate as stated in the will of their deceased relative
Total cast size: 8 (2 f, 6 m)

+ witnesses, a Roma choir

unfaithfulness, marriage, Roma, inheritance

The current owner of the house won’t hear of it and wants no business with the Roma. She and the two ill-fated inheritors get into several quarrels and even a physical fight.

Therefore, Miška and Ema decide to look for justice in court. But the judge does not rule in their favour. Finally, Ema has an idea: if the house is not handed over to them, they will steal it. Their relatives all gather together, move the bricks and soon build the house anew in their Roma settlement.

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