Evald Flisar    

Soldiers at the End of War

Year of writing: 1970
In late winter of 1945, before the arrival of Red Army, German troops are in ruin. Three German soldiers, joined by officer Posch, have been waiting in a barricaded shack for half a month.
Total cast size: 6 (6 m)
war and post-war years, violence, historical topic, fear

Their task is to find the runaway German major Ziegler. Through their conversation about why they have been assigned this task, intolerance soars and disagreements start to show. Wäger has a sinister premonition that this is the place where they would all die.

Officer Posch suspects the end of the war is near and the Russians are approaching. He chose Gipsy to find Ziegler, as he claims to be unaligned in this war.

When Gipsy returns from the lookout, he reports that the runaway major is staying in a rural house two hours’ walk away. But Gipsy worries more about the wolf daemon who has been hiding and lying in wait for him for a long time.

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