Evald Flisar    

Take me in your hands A play for two

Year of writing: 2011
This is a play about the decline of reading habits, about life and learning, about love and sacrifice, about hope, despair and death.
Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 1 m)
love, books, death, sacrifice, interpersonal relations, illness

Iztok, an elderly owner of an antique shop, publishes a job advertisement asking for temporary help in his bookshop. Maja, a young, talkative and vigorous student responds to his ad. The relationship between the lonesome and slightly bitter Iztok, buried under heaps of old books and trying to finish his essay on Borges' blindness, and Maja, hoping to find life wisdom in books, develops into mutual liking and admiration. In their first shared moments, however, they are not aware of the fact that soon they will have to part.