Tone Partljič    

Who Can I Still Pray For

Year of writing: 1980
This play is, of course, not an attempt to reconstruct any real-life treachery in our cities.
Total cast size: 15 (7 f, 8 m)
war and post-war years, historical topic, entrapment, lies and truths

The story is set in Maribor and Pohorje towards the end of World War Two. The main protagonist Ludvik is the secretary of the city committee who is forced to play a double agent: he would disclose to the Germans what they already knew and he would reveal the gestapo tactics to the resistance partisan army. Ludvik feels increasingly more torn and even people close to him grow more and more suspicious of him. He fears execution from both, the partisans and the German side. Though he gradually starts enjoying the power he has over people, his fears finally come true when he is killed by the gunshots of an activist called Liza.

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