Saša Pavček    

Why a Field Is a Lake? A fairy-tale about the secret of Lake Cerknica

Year of writing: 2012
How a place where there once were fields and meadows, came to be Lake Cerknica. Or how a sweet girl found happiness in the arms of her water boyfriend.
Total cast size: 8 (4 f, 4 m)
fairy-tale, Explanatory fairy-tale
good and evil, better world

The fairy-tale tells the story about a sensitive girl who couldn’t stop crying and no one could stop her tears. But there were so many tears that they flooded the house and were spilling into the near-by stream. Only the travelling storyteller could comfort her with her stories. The girl was most interested in the one about a boy who used to live on the top of a mountain, but the farmers unjustly chased him away and out of his home claiming that he cast a shadow on their valley. Before the travelling storyteller would leave and the girl’s eyes would fill up with tears again, she told her a secret. A secret about how to make the world better and fairer.

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