The Dance of a Butterfly Traditional bourgeois play

Year of writing: 1993
"It was too late, the game had already started. The point started its merciless journey on the endless circle.”
Total cast size: 7 (4 f, 3 m)
death, family, inter-partner relations

After their mother’s death, three grown-up sisters – Agata and twins Ada and Ana – move back to their family house to look after their senile father who needs constant care. The tensions and old resentment amongst the sisters become ever more obvious. Then, one night, the family is visited by David, Ana’s former partner and now Ada’s husband. Ada had recently left David, she and her daughter ran away from him. David’s visit causes the tense atmosphere in the house to escalate even further. 

All the while Ada’s daughter Lena, a teenager, hides behind the door and experiments with the white powder from a bag she had found at her aunt Ana’s ...

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