Evald Flisar    

The Eleventh Planet

Year of writing: 1999
Three homeless people with biblical names Peter, Paul and Magdalene are excited about a science fiction novel titled The Eleventh Planet.
Total cast size: 3 (1 f, 2 m)
homelessness, destiny, poverty

This eleventh planet, described in the book, is supposed to be the home of extra-terrestrial beings who visit Earth every few millennia and take with them a small number of people, those who are most good hearted and have the purest souls.

The three homeless people, wishing to free themselves of constant begging and looking for shelter, start their preparations to make contact with the aliens. At first, they try calling them on a mobile phone and later they draw the promised planet and the spacecraft that will take them there, on a piece of paper.

Alfred Haidacher

Der elfte Planet

Language of translation: German
Der elfte Planet. Graz: Theater im Keller 2008
Ossama el-Kaffash

Alkawkab alhadiasher

Language of translation: Arabic
Alkawkab alhadiasher. Cairo: Eddar Press 2005

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