Evald Flisar    

Antigone now

Year of writing: 2010
"From time to time we should be reminded there are things in life which are not for sale."
Total cast size: 10 (2 f, 8 m)
values, ethical dilemmas, politics, authority, good and evil

Flisar's Antigone (her name is actually Klara) lives in the present time, where everything seems to be upside down. Klara does fight for her brother until her last breath, but her aim is not his burial; she fights to prevent the exhumation of his body. The mayor (her uncle) decided to move the cemetery so that the construction of a golf course could begin. This play, based on social criticism is actually a crime story spiced up with plenty of black humour. The end however justifies its genre definition (tragedy). Klara takes her own life, while her uncle confesses his crimes and gives himself up to the police.