Simona Semenič

Photo: Nada Žgank
Playwright, dramaturg and producer. She read dramaturgy at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. She collaborated with WaxFactory, a New York based theatre company. She was the artistic director of the PreGlej scheme at Glej Theatre. Her plays have had readings and stage productions in Slovenia and abroad. Simona has won numerous awards, such as several Slavko Grum Awards, Modra Ptica Award and Prešeren Fund Award.

More about the author

Lovely maidens burning bright (2020)

"to all those witches that haven’t made it to Wikipedia or literary heritage"

That's not it (2019)

This is a complicated story: many events and deaths, a number of interesting characters and several twists, a truly dramatic plot. This story resembles a polyphonic musical piece; it is very much like a madrigal.

you are a miracle (2018)

"no longer young girl I finally knock her to the ground”

rowan, strudel, dance and then some (2017)

"Assumption day, 1963 in the village of Vipava valley"

this apple, made of gold (2016)

this apple, made of gold is a play that sets its own rules. Rules of a female author, sexuality as known by women, relationships as seen by women and a reality where modern women have their fantasies and in which they live.

we, the european corpses (2015)

A play inspired by the production of Dušan Jovanović’s Victims of the Bang-Bang Fashion and the poetry of Srečko Kosovel.

seven cooks, four soldiers and three sophias (2014)

A particular cosmos almost constantly at war

onethousandninehundredeightyone (2013)

It starts with a pool of blood. Nineteen eighties. And then it all starts spinning. The pool of dry blood disappears. Which world is better? The one we are living in, the one we’ve lived through or the one that’s still to come?

Killing me tenderly (2012)

What is pulp fiction and what is the truth? – Based on a film script by Franček Rudolf.

sophia or while i almost ask for more or a parable of the ruler and the wisdom (2011)

The urge for power is what determines our everyday life.

blame it all on donnie darko (2011)

"he's like a monkey, i swear"

the feast or the story of a savoury corpse or how roman abramovič, the character janša, julia kristeva, age 24, simona semenič and the initials z.i. found themselves in a tiny cloud of tobacco smoke (2010)

"simona semenič feasted on a corpse and maybe that is all she wanted to say." (2008)

A play about children, written for grown-ups. Grown-ups, playing children and women playing men. Brutally graphic display of pointless violence, violence without reason or explanation, offering several starting-points for contemplating questions on social constructs of childhood, violence and gender.

I, the Victim (2007)

»I used to wet my bed for a very long time, I mean really long, at least it felt long to me, up until I was about sixteen, which is half of my life so far.«

You didn’t forget, you just don’t remember anymore (2007)

An unannounced visit of a man disturbs the matrimonial life of Lucija and Matjaž.

24hrs (2006)

Two couples and 24 hours. World Wide Web and new media widen the possibilities of human communication but do not contribute much to people understanding one another.

Loving Willy (2005)

"Which love is true love? Willy says nothing.”

Socks (2005)

State of emergency, the city is being bombed. A husband and a wife are packing their essentials to go to a bunker. The husband takes his white socks.