Simona Semenič    


Year of writing: 2006
Two couples and 24 hours. World Wide Web and new media widen the possibilities of human communication but do not contribute much to people understanding one another.
Total cast size: 4 (2 f, 2 m)

+ spam mail

drama, melodic and rhythmic dramatic composition, modern dramatic form, fragmented dialogue
inter-partner relations, love, modern technology

The play features two couples, SHE1 and HE1, SHE2 and HE2. Their dialogue is interspersed with Spams (SPAM1 – SPAM16). The first couple got lost in a deserted mine shaft and they're hoping to get found within the 24 hours, whilst the second couple is in a modern hotel room, they're ex-spouses taking time for each other to see if there is anything left between them. Throughout, they discuss having intercourse for one last time, but one of them always objects. In contrast, the first couple speak significantly less and are physically more active (massaging each other’s feet, sitting down, looking at each other etc.). The couples are on stage simultaneously; the shaft is on one side, the hotel room on the other, but neither couple sees or hears the other two. None of the characters can see or hear Spams who speak their lines on stage and at times address the two couples. Spams speak those messages which we usually keep in our spam email folder; these are usually adverts luring us to buy various products (slimming products, Viagra, call girls and similar). Simona Semenič closes her script in the same way as she opens it: the first and the last page are identical.


SHE2: How stupid of us to think that we can make up in a single day for something that's been screwed up for years.

HE2: Come on. Nothing's screwed up.

SHE2: No, let's face it. Screwed.

HE2: I was kind of hoping tonight would make it better.

SHE2: Me too. I apologize.

HE2: What?

SHE2: I apologize.

HE2: For what?

SHE2: For all of this.

HE2: It's not your –

SHE2: It was my idea.

HE2: Nah, it was just a coincidence.

SHE2: Right.


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