Simona Semenič    


Year of writing: 2005
State of emergency, the city is being bombed. A husband and a wife are packing their essentials to go to a bunker. The husband takes his white socks.
Total cast size: 2 (1 f, 1 m)
war and post-war years, inter-partner relations, conflicts

The wife is convinced he should take black socks, not white. They start fighting over the socks and their old resentments and conflicts emerge. During the fight, a loud explosion is heard, the husband and wife try to open the door and finally run for safety, but they realise they are trapped under the rubble.

Cigarettes, medicines, gold, foreign currency, passport, tins, cardigan, T-shirts, underwear, pants, pyjamas, shoes, socks. Yeah, this is all. Wait. Cigarettes, medicines, gold, foreign currency, passport -

The husband returns. He has one pair of white socks in his hands.

Here. Let's beat it now.

Wait, not the white ones, come on. You better take a pair of black.

The Socks

Language of translation: English

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