Simona Semenič    

Loving Willy

Year of writing: 2005
"Which love is true love? Willy says nothing.”
Total cast size: 3 (2 f, 1 m)
love triangle, conflicts, inter-partner relations

The script’s main theme is the question of love and divorce and their consequences. In a pub, in front of a restroom door, Ana and Jana are trying to call Willy who has locked himself in. Both women, very different in character, are calling Willy their own. Each believes that it is them who Willy calls his true love. Willy says nothing.

JOAN: He is alive.

ANN: Are you sure?

JOAN: Yeah.

ANN: How do you know.

JOAN: I know. I’m his –

ANN: I know. I can feel it as well.

JOAN: You can?

ANN: Yeah. 

Loving Willy

Language of translation: English

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