Simona Semenič    

I, the Victim A Words Solo

Year of writing: 2007
»I used to wet my bed for a very long time, I mean really long, at least it felt long to me, up until I was about sixteen, which is half of my life so far.«
Total cast size: 1 (1 f)
play for one performer
trauma, childhood, illness, victims

A monologue account of the author’s childhood and adolescence memories. The connecting thread of the events is pain. The author speaks of the troubles, illnesses and discomforts but she describes them almost as pleasant memories, without any trauma. She remembers the feeling of loneliness, she talks about people’s reactions at the sight of a sick person. How people react with sympathy, pity, unease, disgust and awkwardness. According to the author, the role of a victim has its advantages and so she settles in it. When she gives birth, her child becomes the centre of the action and only a new diagnosis could push her back into the role of a victim. This is why she chain smokes and at the end she appeals to the audience or perhaps to the Society: “Let me smoke”.

i can feel absolutely great

but look awful

i arouse pity

and a bit of disgust

but hey

i have just had a marvellous weekend

and a couple of stitches can't change that

besides and this cannot be ignored

i have a new episode

in the self-narration of a victim

I, the Victim words solo

Language of translation: English

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