Simona Semenič    

blame it all on donnie darko

Year of writing: 2011
"he's like a monkey, i swear"
interpersonal relations, violence, wheels of bureaucracy, current social picture of the world

In the sequence of lines, spoken by various unnamed protagonists of both genders, fragments of unconnected stories can be traced. The lines follow a fast pace and there is both, an edge to them and humour, which do not conceal, but rather reveal the absurdity, cruelty and hypocrisy of today’s society. Despite the grand proclamations of progress and civilisation, it seems that man is increasingly more trapped. And, for all the injustice, humiliation and violence man is forced to endure, there is no one else to blame but man himself.

scoot, you ill-bred brat
sir ...
has your mama not taught you what private property is
mister ...
brat, take your rubbish out of my bin, brat
but i've simply…
you've no business tossing rubbish into my bin, is that clear
but it was only ice-cream wrap
you ill-bred brat, this is my bin, take it out!

tuzla, 25 may 1995
your last day of youth

they learn to communicate on facebook
and relationships, too
facebook, this is the touches of today
horrifying, isn't it 

blame it all on donnie darko

Language of translation: English

(draft translation)

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