Simona Semenič    

seven cooks, four soldiers and three sophias

Year of writing: 2014
A particular cosmos almost constantly at war
Total cast size: 14 (10 f, 4 m)
drama, docu-fiction
war and post-war years, historical topic, conformism, wheels of bureaucracy

This play has a distinctively specific structure, a particular playfulness, it connects history and fiction. The script is dedicated to three historical personalities: Sophia Magdalene Scholl, a German political activist, Sofia Lvovna Perovskajeva, a Russian “terrorist” and Marie-Sophie Germain, a French scientist. Destinies of three exceptional women who all left a significant mark in the history of humankind. A German, a Russian and a French woman all lived in different centuries and countries, but they shared similar destinies and the same given name. They were fearless activists and intellectuals who spent their whole lives fighting violence, ignorance and inequalities of all kinds. They all paid a high and cruel price for their beliefs. (Scholl and Perovskaja were both sentenced to death.) In a unique universe real-life information is spoken about these personalities whilst the play remains faithful to the realms of its field: fiction. This is a story about a tight chain of friends: passiveness, fear of the different, execution, war and finally history and the past.

the peevish one

has the smart one not tired of talking yet? who’s even listening to her?

oy, nobody’s listening to you


the fat one

oh dear, and now the fool has entered, too

today’s a merry day and this cake … mmm


the huffy one

she says with her mouth full of cake for sophia’s birthday


the fat one

i say with mouth full of delicious cake


the pensive one

butter and chocolate


the dainty one

namely, the stage was graced by … another young woman 

Barbara Skubic

seven cooks, four soldiers and three sophias

Language of translation: English
Samuel Julien

sept cuisinières, quatre soldats et trois sophie

Language of translation: French

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