Europa A play with a message, heavily blasphemous farce, a political burlesque, a heavy European nightmare and many other things.

Year of writing: 2013
Comedy about the possibilities, which the over glorified Europe offers to the young people – the Slovenian version
Total cast size: 14 (4 f, 10 m)
grotesque, farce, black comedy, poetic burlesque
unemployment, class and cultural criticism of the society, survival of the fittest

Maks is a literature graduate who has no money, no job and no home. This actually makes him a typical representative of his generation. He has no other choice but to return to his home town. But there, he is not greeted by a warm mother's embrace. Criticism of a provincial little nest is in fact criticism of »mother« Europe, manifested as a »cannibalistic entity«. 

MAX: I was dreaming.

VAGABOND: Impossible.

MAX: I did.

VAGABOND: In these lands, no one dreams anymore.

MAX: Then it was a nightmare.

VAGABOND: Oh, that is possible. A nightmare, of course!

MAX: I saved myself with a bomb.

VAGABOND: So you found him?

MAX: Who?


MAX: I saved myself with a book.

VAGABOND: Kafka was a real bomb!

Erica Johnson Debeljak


Language of translation: English
Bilijana Zikić


Language of translation: Serbian

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